POW Interpretive Center


POW Interpretive Center Entrance

Naegle "Eye of the Storm" Art Gallery

Naegle “Eye of the Storm” Art Gallery

The POW Interpretive Center portrays the World War II German Prisoner of War Camp that was located near Atlanta, Nebraska, five miles southwest of Holdrege. The center houses artifacts, letters and photographs of POWs stationed at the camp.

Thomas F. Naegele Art Gallery

Thomas F. Naegele was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1924 and arrived in New York City in 1940. Soon after his 18th birthday, he was drafted into the United States Army. He was assigned as an interpreter at Camp Atlanta to clarify communications between his new and his former fellow citizens.

The gallery is a collection of his memories of his vivid look into the bizarre life enjoyed by German prisoners in the US. He has named his picture cycle, “In the Eye of the Storm,” to capture the conflicts of the world at that time, among two theaters of war and the calm that prevailed in the life of the German POWs held at Camp Atlanta.


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