Lori Fong’s Barn Quilts

Lori Fong of Smithfield, Nebraska, gave some great ideas and examples of barn quilts to the audience at the Nebraska Prairie Museum’s Quarterly meeting on Tuesday, February 13th.

Barn quilts aren’t the kind you snuggle up with in your bed at night. Barn quilts are designs painted on 2’x2′, 4’x4′, or 8’x8′ pieces of 3/4″ thick plywood. Not the most comfortable bed covering. They’re not meant to be. Beautiful quilt designs are painted on the plywood “canvas” to be attached to the outside of barns, homes, sheds or museums. The barn quilts are used as decoration and to make a beautiful statement to passersby that the people in the home, barn, shed or museum appreciate beauty, art and the fun of making quilts. Real quilts that warm you at night and decorate your bed during the day.

Mrs. Fong gave everyone valuable tips about wood, paint, preparation, care and mounting of the art, and ideas for designs and how to lay out the designs to keep them symmetrical.

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