Antique Harvest 2017

The antique harvest at the Nebraska Prairie Museum was windy . . and that’s good when the dust and dirt from the old corn pickers is blowing away from the guy on the antique tractor with no cab to keep him out of the elements.

The 6-acre dry land corn patch south of the museum had a rough summer, looking like it was parched and stunted, but the little patch yielded 100 bushels per acre, a pleasant surprise for all of us at the museum.

People from Washington state to Minnesota and from all over Nebraska came to see the young guys and girls running everything from tractors and corn shellers to one-cylinder “pop-pop” engines.

The cinnamon rolls and sandwiches by Lana kept the visitors warm and their tummies full. Over 100 visitors came to watch the harvest show.

Rumor has it that the Nebraska Prairie Museum might host the State hand corn picking competition next year. We’ll wait and see.

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