Fifteen-year-old Has Great Interest in Nebraska Prairie Museum

Colton Mulder of Kansas is 15 years old. He has visited the Nebraska Prairie Museum four times, and can’t wait until his next visit. Colton studies the historical items in the museum, especially the farm machinery, and stays until his Mom drags him back to Kansas. Colton also has a deep interest in genealogy. He has traced his mother’s family back to the Mayflower Pilgrims, and kings and queens of Europe.

Colton someday wants to be a home builder and a farmer. He loves to garden. He designed and built a steam car when he was 12 year old.

His father was going to destroy an old building on their farm that was full of old equipment: corn binders, a one row potato planter, and lots of other “stuff.”

Colton stopped his dad from destroying the building and throwing away all the old equipment. Colton wanted to restore it. . . the building and the equipment. So his Dad stopped the destruction and allowed Colton to take charge of it.

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