Cultivating History

Corn is the crop for which Nebraska is most famous. The 6-acre plot south of the Nebraska Prairie Museum is planted in corn with antique 30″ row planters and cultivated with 30″ row cultivators.

Larry Lindstrom has the latest farm equipment, but his red tractor with a front loader is the only one that would fit the proper size cultivator for the museum’s corn crop. Rows are closer together these days because irrigation can provide enough water for more plants per field. The Prairie Museum does not irrigate the corn field because it wasn’t done in the pioneer days of farming.

Mr. Lindstrom, a member of the Phelps County Historical Society Board of Directors, along with board member John Kogl, graciously mounted the proper size cultivator on an antique tractor, and knocked those weeds out from between the corn rows. Thanks, Larry and John! The field is nice and clean, but it needs some water. Help us, Lord!

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