Bible Dated 1743 Finds a Home at Nebraska Prairie Museum

A Bible dated 1743 has been given to the Nebraska Prairie Museum. The Bible is in rough shape, but is very interesting.

The Bible was commissioned by King George the II of England, in the 1700’s. This Bible was to reflect the Episcopal structure of the Church of England. The Bible was translated by 47 scholars who were members of the church of England.

This particular Bible was the personal Bible of Samuel Plum, who bequeathed the Bible to his only surviving child, Samuel, after his wife, Mary, died August 4, 1749. The family resided in Darby, New Haven, New England, before we became a nation. This area is now part of Connecticut.

The Bible was found in Holdrege, Nebraska, by Ben and Dixie Boell in their home at 1422 East Avenue. It is believed that the previous owner was Wendell Hudson, who was an antique dealer in Holdrege and had lived in the home previously.

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  1. Fame Betz Arent
    June 29, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Have a GAR ribbon “Glover Post No. 111, Holdrege, Nebraska” which I believe belonged to my great-great grandfather Philip Betz. He and his wife, Elizabeth (St. Clair) Betz are buried in the GAR section at Prairie Home Cemetery, Holdrege. Note that the “z” is backwards on the gravestones so that it looks like an “s”. Is there a list of all the members that belonged to this post or even better would be a book with brief bio on each of them? Thanks.

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