Swedish Christmas Traditions at the Museum; Additional Program in Kearney December 21

Wooden Star

Traditions of Swedish Christmas were celebrated Friday, December 16 at the Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege. St. Lucia appeared in her crown of candles. St. Lucia’s story and the stories of the Tompte, Dahla horse, straw goat, wooden stars, Lingonberry branches, and good and bad children made all in attendance feel like honorary Swedes–if they weren’t Swedes already.

Food plays a very important role at Christmas time in Sweden, and in Swedish-founded communities like Holdrege. Lutefisk (lye fish), pickled herring, ostkaka (Swedish cheesecake) with lingonberry sauce, potatis skorv (potato bologna) . . . all delicious Swedish food traditions at Christmas time. Well, maybe not lutefisk. . . that’s an acquired taste.

Those who want to become honorary Swedes can visit the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) in Kearney on Wednesday, December 21 at 2:00 pm, to see and taste the Nebraska Prairie Museum Swedish Christmas Traditions program.


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