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Welcome to the Nebraska Prairie Museum

The Nebraska Prairie Museum, located in Holdrege, Nebraska, contains an exceptionally fine collection of over one acre of indoor exhibits. Once inside, you get a feeling of spaciousness as you view collections of period clothing, antique toys, farm equipment, tools and household items, a unique W.W.II German POW exhibit room, and much more!

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Our Mission

The Mission of the Nebraska Prairie Museum is to be a historical, interactive resource for the community, through the collection of artifacts, archival documents, and memorabilia that explain the lifestyles of those who preceded us.


Three Organizations Call Nebraska Prairie Museum Home.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009 03:26

Memorial Garden

The museum has long been proud of its renovated farm home and lovely church, where many small weddings are held. Now those two attractions are enhanced by the beautiful Memorial Garden which wends its way between the two buildings and completes a picturesque setting. In the middle is a fountain and some benches, and off to the side is a picnic table with benches.

The area is land-scaped with many flowers and small shrubs among the brick pathways which wind from the house to the church. On many of these bricks are names of persons being honored or memorialized by family or friends. Funds for this project were given by a loving mother in memory of her daughter. Her vision was to have a pretty, restful place where visitors could sit and reflect and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

That dream has come true!

Message from "Dan The Director"

Stereoscope January 2014



It's so great to see young people enjoying our Prairie Museum. 130 students from 13 schools visited us  January 8 for the ESU #11 Quiz Bowl. Elementary students from Loomis, Bertrand, Elwood, Wilcox-Hildreth, Franklin, Minden, Holdrege and . . .sorry, I can't remember them all. The kids were interested in our museum, looking at exhibits, behaving and enjoying themselves. I heard lots of thank you's.  I wanted to adopt them all. I think they all won the Quiz Bowl.

New lighting is one of the improvements we've made at the museum. People have asked me, "did you put new backgrounds in the animal display?" No, we installed new LED lights that make the backgrounds show up better with brighter and better colors. The Town Square looks like the sun has risen and daylight has finally come. The clothing, the quilts, the colors are all brighter. And we'll be saving energy because the new bulbs and fixtures are so efficient.Museum_music_room_2388

And I know you'll be excited to see the newly-remodeled bathrooms. Really! Bathroom remodeling doesn't normally light me up, but Wow! New floors, new paint, new fixtures! Come see us just to see the restrooms!

Lots of new programs and improvements are in the works for the Nebraska Prairie Museum. Don't forget the movie and popcorn night the fourth Thursday of every month.

We really appreciate your interest and your support. Thank You.

Dan Christensen, Executive Director

New Painting

See the new painting by Jim Sutton of the old Hotel Dale from the early 1960's

Buffy the buffalo keeps moving around. Every morning when I come to work he's in a different place. Maybe it's Marie, the museum ghost. She keeps making noises like she's angrily banging pots and pans around in the museum kitchens. I can just see her pushing Buffy around the museum and leaving him wherever she gets tired.

The Genealogy Library is a fascinating place. In the past month or two we've had businessmen from New York to Kearney looking for pictures of buildings that were built here in Holdrege in the late 1800's, and are still being used today. The library ladies, especially Sandra Slater, knew right where to look and had the treasured photo within minutes. Another man from Colorado wanted to prove to his friend that Holdrege was once the "Crow Capital of the World." Sandra pointed to the right place and the man had the whole story from the Holdrege Daily Citizen. His sceptical friend was convinced.

The museum library has newspaper articles, weddings, obituaries, and photos from the 1800's and 1900's of everything from sod houses with jackrabbits hanging from the rafters to the beautiful downtown buildings of Holdrege when they were brand new and being built.

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